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We put your concepts into practice and turn them into finished products. While creating the websites, we keep in mind to make them user-friendly and creative. Our company works to make online business more efficient.


We believe in growing together with our clients. Our positive outlook towards our work enables us to be more productive and focused at all times. With growth-oriented results, website projects yield fruitful results with us.


Innovation is what makes us different from others. We are in continuous experimentation, which helps us discover new ways to achieve our targets. Let innovation be brought to you through Click to Design!

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Here are some of the projects we recently completed that helped our client’s businesses establish their online presence and give them access to opportunities they were previously missing.

UI/UX design

Sofa Events

Sofa Events is an event organisation that helps in the process to optimized maximum resources to maximize the value. They take care of the planning, transport, assembly, etc for the events. Sofa Events also use AI tools for decision-making and the dynamization of the event.

UI/UX Design

Humidor Stars

Humidor Stars is a company that manufactures humidors for cigars. This company is in the field of manufacturing and distribution of humidors of cigars for more than 40 years and provides best quality of humidors. They provide many types of Humidors and have also facilities of installation of the Humidors.

UI/UX design

Tanishqe Beauty salon

Tanishqe Beauty Salon is a salon for women only that offers trainings, consultations, and beauty services. You can schedule an appointment and view the various services and packages the salon offers online.

UI/UX design

2130 Enterprises

2130 Enterprises is an investment company that invests in resort properties in popular destinations. Their aim is to provide the perfect trips for families, friends, coperates, etc. This companies invest in all the popular destinations to make everyone's dreams possible.

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UI/UX design

Scale Up Advisory

Scale UP Advisory is founded by Ronnie Steinhagen. He is an entrepreneur of an IT system house. The main motive of Ronnie Steinhagen is to help companies and organisations to make profit for their organisation.


Vida Support Living

Vida Support Living is an organization that provides support to individuals who are suffering from disabilities like mental health, autism, etc. Their team is highly professional and has trained specialists work closely with each person to develop a support plan that meets their unique needs.


Divina Voyance

Divina is a clairvoyant, tarologist and spiritual healer. Her passion is to help individuals reach their full potential and live a better life. Her aim is to put the people back in control of their lives by showing them about their strength they don’t see.


Magauri Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

Mepls is a organisation of the industry in Electrical project from more than 10 years. This organisation includes in all the electric projects like Electrical Project, CCTV Solutions, Networking System, and other IT Solutions.


Novice is the New Nurse

Novice is the New Nurse is the organization founded by Jannel. Jannel is a Nurse and an influencer for the nursing community based in New York City and Los Angeles. Her aim is to travel the world and provide health care for children all over the world.

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