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Every case study we do, we unlock a new milestone of learning.

Learning is the core value for us at click to design studio and we dedicate spend time to learning and upskilling our knowledge from the best mentors in the industry. We look for problems around us that can be solved by design and come up with the best possible solution by following details design thinking processes and validating the solutions among ourselves and our users.

UI/UX design Case Study

CRAV- Food Videos and Recipes

This case study is for CRAV which is a platform that provides you recipes and cooking videos from your favorite Chefs to your friend's next door. CRAV allows you to recreate the same experience at your home by following the recipe and give you a unique experience of ordering all the ingredients you need for the recipe.

It allows you to plan your everyday cooking schedule and deliver all the groceries to your doorstep.CRAV makes cooking easy for everyone and reduces all the stress of buying groceries and expensive ingredients, it provides you with the exact amount of things required so that you spend less and save more.

CRAV is not the only platform to buy your ingredients but also it provides a platform for anyone to be able to make cooking videos and post, It is a platform where you can enjoy not only recipe videos but you can also entertain yourself by watching a wide variety of short cooking videos.

You can participate and share your cooking experience with your friends. The platform also provides people the ability to monetize their recipes and create a community of their own to build a personal brand.

UI/UX design Case Study

Employee Training

In this case study we have created a employee management dashboard for ABC Pvt Ltd which is a software services company that hires college graduates as resources to be deployed on client projects.

The freshers undergo a training of 90 days before they can be deployed into client projects. Each fresher undergoes training in a specific domain such as Java, Python, AWS etc There are two parts of training - Content(eg. online training like Udemy, linkedin etc) and On the Job training.

Each fresher is assigned a mentor by the L&D team who guides them and gives feedback at the end of 90 days if the resource is ready to handle a client project or if they need more training. Depending on the feedback from the mentor, L&D team may extend the training period of the fresher.

This platform allows the Training Manager to be able to create trainings and assign mentors.Training Manager can see the list of new joiners so that they can be allocated appropriate training resources for training for a specified duration.

Training manager can see the resources who are currently undergoing training, their exp, start date, end date of training, mentor name etc and Once the training is completed, Training manager can also extend thetraining if need be.

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Mobile App

Raga Therapy

Raga therapy is a mobile application that helps in providing musical therapy through classical Indian raga. The application helps its users to express their feelings and their emotions.

The advanced algorithm in the application provides the user with suitable raga that can help elevate their emotion and their mood and provide them with the feeling of calmness and peace. This case study is documentation of the design process followed for the application development.

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